Endurance Stories


Many of you know I'm a podcast junkie (and the host of Endurance Town USA podcast). I L.O.V.E. human connection and authentic storytelling. But last month while out on a long run I heard one that stopped me in my tracks. Why? Because I am about to hit my halfway mark!...

Choose Adventure

May 8 thru 14th was a grand adventure! Just what the doctor ordered. A spirit refill of wild leaps down the path of my New Year's resolution to “choose adventure.” This quest to fill my adventure deficit actually started in December when I wrote down “choose...

Faces Behind the Races, featuring Samantha Pruitt

Over the last 18 years of her personal ex-couch potato to Ultra Athlete journey, Samantha has used endurance to transform her entire life. 50lbs less and thousands of lives impacted later she has gone from Personal Trainer, to Triathlon & Running Coach, to Race Director to Brand Ambassador and content curator all in the authentic name of Human Connection. 

My New Year’s REVolution

On both my Summer time birthday and then again at my end of year Winter Solstice I like to hit pause and breathe deep. These biannual gifts of time and space that I give to myself create slack. This invaluable slack allows for honest personal reflection, followed by...

The Big Gulp

New Year’s is a great time to set goals. There’s a collective energy in the air, as everyone looks ahead, and we feed off each other’s dreams.

It’s a good time to tackle a goal that scares you a little, say the experts in human motivation; it’s how we grow. If the goal doesn’t intimidate you, it’s not pushing you out of your nest.

So I’ve picked a goal that scares me a lot.  Gulp. 

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