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GoodWater 135

Oct. 20-23, 2020

135 Miles

14,600 feet


“I am running to bring attention to the critical need for building Emotional Fitness and both Inner Peace & Community Peace during this difficult time. I want to spread hope and inspiration for what’s possible if you get up, dust yourself off and move forward one painful step at a time.”
– Samantha Pruitt

October 20-23rd • Samantha Pruitt will run, solo, 135 miles through Death Valley. Starting at the lowest point in North America, the Badwater Basin at 282 ft below sea level, and finishing on one of America’s highest points, the 8,000 ft portal to Mount Whitney. She will follow the famed Badwater135 race course which crosses 3 mountain ranges and climbs over 14,600 feet of elevation.

Join Samantha, excouch potato turned Life-Leadership-Business Coach, by completing your own “GoodWater 135.” In the final 30 days leading up to her expedition (Sept. 21-Oct 20) run, walk, bike, swim or explore your life & body by tackling your own 135 mile goal. Invest this powerful time and energy reigniting your own Emotional Fitness and putting Personal & Community Peace into action. 
Share your unique Goodwater 135 story on social with us and engage with Samantha while together we peel back the layers of our shared humanity. Do good. Be good. For the greater good. 

To add momentum to our Goodwater135 cause, we are working with the Peace Academy of the Sciences and Arts to support the education & leadership development of our youth. By investing in our next generation we seed a legacy of good.


Growing awareness for Peace Academy of the Sciences and Arts in San Luis Obispo, CA and the incredible work they’re doing to inspire our Nation’s future leaders.

Join us in Supporting them by donating online.

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Meet Samantha Pruitt:

Samantha Pruitt

Samantha Pruitt

Co-Founder & Podcast Host

Female Entrepreneur, Endurance Sports Race Director & CEO of RaceSLO, Endurance Town USA Podcast Host, Founder of the Women’s Race Director Collective, Ultra & Adventure Athlete, Mom & Wife.

My life’s purpose:

“I create meaningful experiences for people to build their best lives and best bodies through endurance sports, outdoor adventure and human connection.”

My daily action towards that purpose:

Using the outdoors, adventure and endurance sports I work to create personal growth, physical change and leadership experiences for people to connect to their true selves, their passion and to community.

My #1 Personal Value is HUMAN CONNECTION. Without it we are nothing, with it we are limitless.

Coaching Story

Coach Sam is a self proclaimed ex-couch potato who lost 50lbs, rebuilt her body and entire life after discovering endurance sports at the age of 33. 

She has since dedicated the last 16 years inspiring and coaching others to use endurance sports, outdoor adventure and human connection as powerful tools for change in their own lives. Along her transformational  journey, Coach Sam has become an IronWOman, Ultra Endurance Athlete and Adventure Athlete, finishing hundreds of races. As a professional Race Director, Podcast Host, Event Consultant, Brand Ambassador and Endurance Lifestyle Coach she is currently committed to become #FierceAtFifty by continuing to level up both her own life and the lives of those she touches.

IG @thesamanthapruitt

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