Samantha Pruitt

Samantha Pruitt

Co-Founder & Podcast Host

Female Entrepreneur, Endurance Sports Race Director & CEO of RaceSLO, Endurance Town USA Podcast Host, Headstrong Endurance & THRIVE Adventure Coach, Founder of the Women’s Race Director Collective, Ultra & Adventure Athlete, Mom & Wife. Age 49 but in process of becoming Fierce at Fifty! (read my latest blog on this at Projects I manage: Slo Marathon, Half and Relay Races weekend, SLO Ultra Trail Races & Yoga-Music Festival, Primal Quest Adventure Race, Paso Robles Half Marathon, SLO GranFondo, THRIVE Outdoor Adventure Camps, Endurance Town USA Podcast, Race Director and Sports Production Consultant, Female Business Mentor, Lifestyle Ambassadors for lululemon, Headstrong Fit and Adventure Aide. 

My life’s purpose:

“I create meaningful experiences for people to build their best lives and best bodies through endurance sports, outdoor adventure and human connection.”

My daily action towards that purpose:

Using the outdoors, adventure and endurance sports I work to create personal growth, physical change and leadership experiences for people to connect to their true selves, their passion and to community.

My #1 Personal Value and the lead value of Race SLO itself is HUMAN CONNECTION. Without it we are nothing, with it we are limitless.

Coaching Story

Coach Sam is a self proclaimed ex-couch potato who lost 50lbs, rebuilt her body and entire life after discovering endurance sports at the age of 33. 

She has since dedicated the last 16 years inspiring and coaching others to use endurance sports, outdoor adventure and human connection as powerful tools for change in their own lives. Along her transformational  journey, Coach Sam has become an IronWOman, Ultra Endurance Athlete and Adventure Athlete, finishing hundreds of races. As a professional Race Director, Podcast Host, Event Consultant, Brand Ambassador and Endurance Lifestyle Coach she is currently committed to become #FierceAtFifty by continuing to level up both her own life and the lives of those she touches.

IG @thesamanthapruitt

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Samantha Pruitt

Samantha Pruitt

Host & Co-Founder

Co-Founder & Host of the Endurance Town USA Podcast. Founder/CEO of Race SLO, the largest participatory endurance event company on the California Central Coast. Excouch Potato turned Coach, Ultra Runner and Ironman. 

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Alex McCracken

Alex McCracken

Audio Content Editor

Alex is a Cal Poly Grad from San Luis Obispo, currently living in New York where he works in wellness technology at Onegevity. Alex is a huge asset to our creative team as a strong believer arts and culture with an often unhealthy obsession for record digging. You can also stream and listen to his radio show on Newtown Radio (in Brooklyn) or catch him live walking the streets of New York. 

Travis Ford

Travis Ford

Social Marketing & Website

Co-Founder & Producer of the Endurance Town USA podcast. Founder & Digital Marketing Architect of Rock Harbor Marketing, a social media marketing, digital production & web design company.

Alex Raban

Alex Raban

Videographer & Editor

Coming from a action sports/ BMX back-round in filmmaking. Raban, has been producing many aspects of creative content for over a decade. As a DP/Editor, Alex creates comedy shorts,
mini documentary's, events, music videos, commercials films at Room For Cream films. Bringing creative ideas to life in a artistic way.

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