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Endurance Town USA

Fostering Human Connections Through Media Production, Curating Next Level Events, Producing Podcast, and Heartfelt Storytelling.

Using our platforms to elevate the endurance lifestyle

Endurance Town USA (ETUSA) is a production company focused on fostering human connection through outdoors, adventure, and endurance sports. With local, national, and international reach, the ETUSA team is comprised of outdoors enthusiasts, event producers, digital media professionals, storytellers, and art creatives.

Strap in, Lace-up, Grab Your Gear, and Join the Journey!

Social Media
You understand how vital social media is for your brand, but it's just... so... much... work. Let us jump in; not only do we LOVE THIS STUFF, but this is where we shine!
Experience Creators
With decades of experience creating high-level events ranging from fifteen to fifteen thousand, our team of professionals will take your project to exciting new levels!
Whether you love listening to podcasts when you're on the run, or you've been dreaming of starting and producing your own... we have the team for you!
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Our Latest Podcasts

Dave Smithey – Faces Behind the Races

Dave is the owner of Top Out Adventures.   After a 20 year corporate career in operations, Dave got off the corporate treadmill to pursue his dream of introducing people to great outdoor adventure experiences.   He grew up exploring the parks and trails around his...

Our Latest Stories

What Endurance Means To Me

What Endurance Means To Me   by Samantha Pruitt @thesamanthapruitt@endurancetownusa For me endurance starts when all of my physical senses and mind’s logic say to STOP.  I move forward at my own will, though fatigue gradually raises her voice at me. As time moves...

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Ferdinand McAvoy
01 / 05
Jen Ford

Co-founder and primary strategist at RHM. On an average day, Jen wears a lot of hats around the office; from copywriting, editing & graphic design to business strategies, crafting our company culture and navigating new business laws for our clients.

“I get to work with an extremely accomplished creators all with a unique mix of talent and we get to tackle some fantastic projects together.”
Samantha Pruitt
02 / 05
Samantha Pruitt
Production Lead & Business Consultant

Host of Endurance Town USA. Ex-couch Potato turned Coach, Ultra Runner and Ironman.

“Being a member of such a talented team is constantly inspiring. We each bring our passion to the studio to make our company a very special creative hive.”
Deborah Barbosa
03 / 05
Mary Arnold

Mary describes brand strategy as her perfect blend of critical thinking and collaborative research, one that encourages her natural love of questions and genuine interest in people.

“We are fortunate enough to get to work with many internationally recognised brands, on interesting projects, which makes working at our company an exciting place to be.”
Martijn Dragonjer
04 / 05
Hilary Ann
Lead Photgrapher & Graphic Design

Hilary is an award-winning photographer, graphic designer, writer, videographer, and athlete, based out of Squamish, B.C. — when she isn’t in the mountains, that is. She is an accomplished long-distance athlete, with podium finishes in races ranging up to 120 miles long. She’s also competent in a wide range of mountain and alpine sports, which allows her keep up with high-level athletes in any environment.

“There is a constant buzz here, everyone is driven and focused on producing the best work possible for clients. It is a very rewarding place to work with fantastic clients .”
Dominik Doudny
05 / 05
Andrea Chmelik
Press Content Strategist

Andrea is a press strategist and content writer who believes in the power of positive messaging. Her press releases, email campaigns, and digital media strategy lead to increased visibility, higher engagement, and improved brand recognition. She is an avid cat lover, optimist, chocoholic, and a pickle elitist.

“What makes a good company enjoyable? Working with enthusiastic members of well-structured teams of engaging characters.”
Ferdinand McAvoy
Samantha Pruitt
Deborah Barbosa
Martijn Dragonjer
Dominik Doudny
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