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Sharing our love of the endurance lifestyle

We speak often about our endurance “community”, but what does that mean exactly?

Endurance Town USA is a state-of-mind destination where we spend a LOT of our time. If you’re reading this page, there’s a very good chance you visit there often as well! We’re collecting the stories and adventures that inspire us all to be better humans… and sharing them here with you.

Strap in, Lace up, Grab Your Gear and Join the Journey!

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Faces of Endurance, featuring Dean Karnazes

⬥   Speaker   ⬥   Bestselling Author   ⬥    Athlete   ⬥    Entrepreneur  ⬥ TIME magazine named him one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People in the World.” Men’s Fitness hailed him as one of the fittest men on the planet. Stan Lee, of Marvel Comics fame, called him,...

My Latest Stories

NOT My First Rodeo-Pandemic

By Coach Samantha Pruitt, May 2020 I know there are plenty of us out there who have experienced something like this before. Ok, maybe not a global pandemic obviously, but a type of ‘personal pandemic’ where our lives, our bodies and our minds became utter chaos!...

My Team of Creators

Samantha Pruitt

Samantha Pruitt

Host & Co-Founder

Co-Founder & Host of the Endurance Town USA Podcast. Founder/CEO of Race SLO, the largest participatory endurance event company on the California Central Coast. Excouch Potato turned Coach, Ultra Runner and Ironman. 

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Alex McCracken

Alex McCracken

Audio Content Editor

Alex is a Cal Poly Grad from San Luis Obispo, currently living in New York where he works in wellness technology at Onegevity. Alex is a huge asset to our creative team as a strong believer arts and culture with an often unhealthy obsession for record digging. You can also stream and listen to his radio show on Newtown Radio (in Brooklyn) or catch him live walking the streets of New York. 

Travis Ford

Travis Ford

Social Marketing & Website

Co-Founder & Producer of the Endurance Town USA podcast. Founder & Digital Marketing Architect of Rock Harbor Marketing, a social media marketing, digital production & web design company.

Alex Raban

Alex Raban

Videographer & Editor

Coming from a action sports/ BMX back-round in filmmaking. Raban, has been producing many aspects of creative content for over a decade. As a DP/Editor, Alex creates comedy shorts,
mini documentary's, events, music videos, commercials films at Room For Cream films. Bringing creative ideas to life in a artistic way.