San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club

Founded in 1971, the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club (SLOBC) was created to promote safe and legal bicycle riding around SLO County. “We love cycling with friends as we explore the hundreds of miles of picturesque coastal and inland roads” – SLOBC

The Ask

SLOBC had been fortunate enough to enjoy years of managing high-quality cycling events around SLO County without the need for much fanfare. Following a few years in a row of declining riders for their two major rides (Wildflower Century & Lighthouse Century), they contacted us to help drive numbers back up.

The Solution

Following our initial takeover of SLOBC’s Spring 2019 event, Wildflower Century, the organization immediately contracted us to manage both events each year and take-over management of their day-to-day social media landscape.

Unfortunately, 2020 & early 2021 saw the cancellation of both major events, but we’ve had the opportunity to continue broadcasting their brand messaging to members throughout the pandemic, helping to engage with their membership during a time when they couldn’t gather. We are looking forward to picking up their annual rides once again as we venture into the rest of the year.


San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club


Start Date

Feb 1, 2019