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Iman is the Founder of The Run Down, a webbed lifestyle app. She uses her passion for running and human connection to create experiences and communities for other humans to belong and flourish.

– Samantha Pruitt

Iman Wilkerson

Iman Wilkerson’s running journey began over 10 years ago as a casual runner, but when she was invited to participate in a 5k race in NYC, her life changed! Afterwards she immediately sought out nearby neighborhood run clubs on the Upper West Side that met in Central Park. Inspired by friends in her run club, Iman soon began reaching for goals in half-marathons and eventually went on to run 7 marathons in 4 years including 2 Boston’s and 2 NYC’s.

Before Covid she was leading run clubs in San Diego and launched the lifestyle app for runners, The Run Down, in 2020.

Meet the Host

Samantha Pruitt

Samantha Pruitt

Host & Co-Founder

Co-Founder & Host of the Endurance Town USA Podcast. Founder/CEO of Race SLO, the largest participatory endurance event company on the California Central Coast. Excouch Potato turned Coach, Ultra Runner and Ironman. 

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