Dave Smithey – Faces Behind the Races

Dave is the owner of Top Out Adventures.   After a 20 year corporate career in operations, Dave got off the corporate treadmill to pursue his dream of introducing people to great outdoor adventure experiences.   He grew up exploring the parks and trails around his home in Nashville and the Smoky Mountains.  Life eventually took him to Monterrey, Mexico where he and his wife, Julie, had their two daughters, Zoe and Lucy. 

While in Mexico he was introduced to the Sierra Madre mountains that are just south of Monterrey.   He and  Zoe, then a toddler, would grab the kid pack after work and go on a quick climb before dinner. Zoe, now 15, is training to become a Top Out Adventures Guide Apprentice.

Career opportunities brought Dave and his family to Dallas, TX in 2008 where they still live.   With that move came the start of Dave’s running adventures.   It started with marathons, but those didn’t scratch the itch of getting out in nature and the mountains.   It all came together when a buddy found the Transrockies Run in 2012.   His buddy never signed up, but Dave went and was hooked.   Since then Dave has run numerous ultras up to 50 miles, the Grand Canyon Rim2Rim2Rim and races in the Rockies, Mexico Copper Canyons, Himalayas and Alps. If you ask him, he will say he is just getting started.

It was the experience of the stage races that has most influenced the vision for Top Out Adventures.   The adventure and fun of meeting a small group of people with the same passion in a wild location and pushing one’s limits day after day was life-changing.   These trips allowed Dave to explore places he would never have otherwise and to test his limits with the confidence of a support structure.  The friendships that were formed on those trips continue to be a family around the world.

Dave loves to be in the mountains even when he’s not racing.   He has been in Colorado every summer since 2012 where he has climbed 14,000’ peaks and covered many of the trails in the Arkansas River Valley.  He has found that fresh air, getting out of the city, and pushing his limits are the best way to fill his tank and tackle the stress that life brings.  He’s a better husband, dad, and friend after a trip. 

If you go on an adventure with Dave, you can expect careful planning, a safety first mindset and a “make it happen, capt’n” (his favorite phrase) drive.   His passion for client experiences is the compass for his decisions and the vision for Top Out Adventures.

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