My New Year’s REVolution

On both my Summer time birthday and then again at my end of year Winter Solstice I like to hit pause and breathe deep. These biannual gifts of time and space that I give to myself create slack. This invaluable slack allows for honest personal reflection, followed by goal & strategy setting, and these actions are literally the right and left legs that run my personal growth race. Truth be told, in my thirties (after I transformed my shitty life and broken body), I actually hosted social parties forcing myself and those I hung out with to do this process with me (just ask any of my badass friends how painfully fun this party game was). #cardsFORhumanity

So preparing for the close of this last UNgreat year, I felt a heavy sense of pain from both my own fair share of trials and from bearing witness to many of the people I love, our community and in fact our entire nation really struggling. To break through this funk I decided that this New Year I wanted to embark on a personal REVolution, instead of setting the traditional New Year RESolutions. To me, the annual New Year’s resolutions we all make generally tend to be 1) out comes of a lot of negative self-talk 2) dressed up with a lot of publicly vowed words but 3) not necessarily followed up by the right choices or consistent actions. In fact, statistics show most peoples resolutions have fail by Valentine’s (Love) Day, how ironic. Where’s the self-love and commitment people? I am a person of action and though I don’t always succeed, I damn well go for it! Actually, we are all “Action Heros” in our own life story.

After many hours of crazy making internal dialogue and many more hours of writing down my laundry list of goals and desires for change I decided to simply get REAL. To truly create desired and permanent change I needed to really simplify and create a easy to follow daily plan of action. Overly emotional chatter and overly complex lists just breed excuses. After all, dream lives aren’t created with words on paper resolving to act. True REVolutions come from within, out of the depths of your soul. REVolutions are not petty or ego based. They are deeply personal and once released, are unstoppable. Fully embraced REVolutions spread into all areas of your body, your life, your circle of influence and your community. Here are my four easy to follow 2018 REVolution action steps. They are crystal clear daily choices that reflect my values and will undoubtedly guide the physical body and mental health I truly desire.

  1. Choose Simplicity: in both big and small decisions, just keep it simple.
  2. Choose Health: all input to & output from my body must support health.
  3. Choose Adventure: seek and explore new places & new experiences.
  4. Choose Your 5 Wisely: our personal development, character and actions are deeply influenced by the five people we spend the most time with. Steer away from the unproductive negative and move toward empowering positive. Surround yourself with people who make YOU a better person.

(Watch all 4 Video Segments in the carousel below)

Now let’s explore your 2018 REVOLUTION. Are you ready to move beyond the temporary resolution mind set? I want you to join me. I believe in you and in your power to dig DEEPER and go BIGGER. Together we are stronger, held accountable and inspired. Fuel this fresh year with simple action. In fact, become your own life’s “Action Hero.” Lord, knows the world needs you.

Daring Greatly Together,