What Endurance Means To Me

What Endurance Means To Me


by Samantha Pruitt 

For me endurance starts when all of my physical senses and mind’s logic say to STOP. 

I move forward at my own will, though fatigue gradually raises her voice at me. As time moves with me, they both begin to harmonise loudly shouting “Let go of your goals!” But I don’t listen. 

Instead I reason and rationalise. I bargain with those powerful voices and dig myself deeper into the dirt, mining for the gold of my soul. Dripping with sweat I am entranced by my bodies movement and focus my sight upon the glistening jewels buried layers within. I endure. 

I do not cower down to the pressure and voices of pain, fear or failure. Instead I drown out the negative chatter with my own foot steps, swim strokes or pedal rotations. Breathlessly I move forward with my back turned to the darkness and my eyes searching towards the light. 

True endurance is not a medal, a buckle or a finishing time. When humans self invest in and self explore their limits they know nothing of such material things. Humanities evolution demanded endurance to survive and to this day it is where real living resides. We endure. 

Endurance is simply one precious gem that every human must discover within themselves in order to pin it proudly upon their heart. Each one of us becomes champions of our own lives. High crowned visionaries and rulers of our true potential. 

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