10 Questions with Bobke

Bob Roll (right) with 2015 SLO GranFondo winners Jane Despas and Cory Lockwood

For the second year, Bob “Bobke” Roll, will be hosting the SLO GranFondo presented by VisitAvilaBeach.com weekend of events on October 29 & 30. He’ll kick things off on Saturday at the Pro Panel Reception featuring Cylance Cycling pro Alison Tetrick and USA Cycling Chairman Bob Stapleton and will then ride the 100 Mile GranFondo on Sunday prior to kicking back at the Festivale Italiano with hot, fresh food and delicious wine from our friends at Rib Line, Peloton Cellars & On Your Left Winery. You can join Bobke by registering for the SLO GranFondo today.

In honor of the 100 Mile ride, we sent him 10 questions (100 would have been just a bit too much) covering the Central Coast, state of cycling, travel and of course wine.

Race SLO: Let’s cut to the chase. You’ve travelled and rode your bike all over the world. What makes California’s Central Coast such a special place?

Bobke: Cali’s central coast is gorgeous, it provides a bucolic respite from the gridlocked nightmare that much of our country has become, the diversity of terrain and delightful climate make it one of the best places on earth to live and visit.

Coastal portion of the SLO GranFondo course.

2) Most if not all of the iconic global cycling races take place in awe inspiring regions that also are known for its cuisines and libations. What is it about cycling, wine, beer and good food that seem to go so well together?

Bikes and food/wine/beer go together perfectly because the effort of riding is the best appetizer on earth.

3) What has been your favorite moment in the Roll Family Wine Cellar of 2016?

The ‘88 Opus One was pretty good.

4) Give us one epic cycling day with a ride, food & drink that you’ll remember until days’ end.

Too many to count 😉

5) Looking back at 2016 what professional cycling moment has left a mark on you?

Quintana and Contador on the attack at La Vuelta to put Team Sky and Froomy in big trouble!

6) Which young American cyclists are you excited about?

We have so many young riders it is tough to not go on and on for days, Chloe Dygert is awesome, Brandon McNulty is phenomenal, Adrien Costa, Neilson Powless, Skylar Schneider, etc., etc.

@chloedygert in the San Diego Wind Tunnel

7) What racing trends, especially looking ahead to 2017 in the professional ranks, should fans be aware of?

Lots of new team kits, lots of rider transfers and 2 new teams should keep everyone on their toes.

8) If you could be someone other than Bob Roll past or present in cycling, who would it be and why?

Pretty happy just to be me although having Peter Sagan’s bike skills would be a bonus.

9) How does cycling grow in popularity, especially getting more women to ride like Alison?

For cycling to grow, the roads need to take cyclists into consideration in every single municipality in the country, if the roads are safer we will have growth.

10) What are three tips every new cyclist needs to know?

Tip one: be able to fix your bike and carry tools to do so before any ride

Tip two: actively search the roads for hazards at all times

Tip three: have a blast.

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