NOT My First Rodeo-Pandemic

By Coach Samantha Pruitt, Spring 2020

I know there are plenty of us out there who have experienced something like this before. Ok, maybe not a global pandemic obviously, but a type of ‘personal pandemic’ where our lives, our bodies and our minds became utter chaos! Pandemic pandemonium is when fear, anxiety, depression, confusion and/or a ‘beat to hell’ feeling become an every day event. For months now it is like we are all riding a wild bronco bull we just can not get off:( In PP times like these it seems we don’t recognize our environment, the people we share our lives with or even ourselves when we looked into the mirror. Can you relate? #pandemicrodeo #asskicked

Coach Sam bucked off the race course and into the medical room at the Western States 100 Mile Race

Whether it happened in a moment, overnight, or at other times a PP creeped over us for months like a heavy dark Winter, these moments often make life unbearable. Personal pandemics are sometimes self-induced but periodically they were just cast upon us like a witches spell. This COVID-19 virus is one of those nasty spells. To make matters worse (or possibly to teach the same lesson to us all at once) it is a spell that has bound everyone of us. Truthfully, pandemics are in-fact part of the Human’s journey on Earth and brilliant minds have been trying to show us how to prepare for decades. Luckily for you, me and the rest of our fellow Humans we are actually much stronger, wiser and more able to adapt & overcome than we are told we are. In my cowboy-cowgirl camp the rugged Human always wins! #giddyup #whereismybuckle

Fortunately these ‘rodeo of life’ skills, that we have gained from our lifetime full of prior bronco rides, are now being called back into the global arena to get us dirty rebuilding a new way of life post-Corona. Imperative to come out winning, our communities, our collective spirit and our individual souls will all need to muster up every roping skill and resiliency mindset tool we can. No denying here, I too have had some bad days (on top of countless bad hair days) and have suffered some sad losses including aspects of my health and fitness, the death of my 13 year old event company and the loss of financial security. But throw no pity party for me- people all around us are experiencing the same, plus added losses of loved ones, of their own jobs and of their American freedoms to breathe fresh air and to move around in community connection. I consider myself and my family lucky all things considered. Additionally, as tragic as our economic devastation is, I feel it is our social recession that is the true crisis of our time. #nomorebadhairdays 

My fur grand baby refusing to show pity or embrace a bad hair day

So what to do then? How do we each take back our personal power in this time of governmental control and unpredictable days? Where can we find that person in the mirror again and connect back to our inner wisdom and flex our body’s courageous strength? Hold please- as much as we all want to help others- we must first self invest. I practice and teach Emotional Fitness. That skill imparts that if you can hold onto your purpose driven MIND, then you will be able to hold onto your spirit and your healthy body. Emotionally grounded and mentally resilient Humans have clear thoughts, make positive choices and take powerful action towards their mission all while building their spirt and their body every damn day. With both myself and my clients, I see first hand how a serious ‘bucking off’ by a beast (whether it is our government, a job, a relationship or mental and physical health crisis) can bring us to our knees. And the Universe knows… my knees are full of scares! But those scares make me proud and the nasty broncos in my life have each taught me invaluable growth lessons. You, my friend are exactly the same! We are both Human. With humanity comes the personal power and intelligence to think, process emotions and to overcome. Ride on with me, we got this. #buckthebeast

Take the reins. Face your fears while grabbing the leather in your sweaty hands. By YOU taking this collective pause to reflect, take inventory of your life values, get clear on your purpose or goals and then create a road map towards that purpose- YOU will be back in charge of your life. Then high five (or elbow bump) your compadres! Only then can you move out into the word to help heal others. YOU are worth this investment. YOU and your gifts are needed in the world more than ever and that is why YOU must be healthy, grounded and resilient. The rodeo of life never ends, we just get new bulls in the arena (and smelly piles of bullshit) and like right now- chances for a fresh saddle. Be thankful we have endurance:)! #cowboyup #selfinvest        

Coach Sam soaking in the Moab, Utah vibes

To reach Coach Sam for a high five or support on your own journey- email her at [email protected] @thesamanthapruitt FB Samantha Pruitt  

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