The Origin of the Special Olympics Logo

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The origin of the Special Olympics logo as told by a Special Olympian…

At one workshop I learned what the Special Olympics logo means.

The logo has five people who each have six arms. The “down” position means “downtrodden”, remembering a time when many people thought we were not able to make good decisions or try new things. This describes my life before I became involved in Special Olympics. I had few friends and spent most of my time alone.

The straight arms mean “equal”; we are the same in many ways. When I joined the Special Olympics swim team I found out I was the same as everyone else. No one cared that I could barley read or write. No one laughed that I was a lousy swimmer. For the first time in my life, I felt accepted for myself. I believe that acceptance gave me the determination to become the best swimmer I could. It also taught me how to be a friend and not judge others by what they cannot do.

The arms raised represent “joy” and realizing our ultimate goal. All goals should be challenging but reasonable. I have reached my goal of learning to swim, but now I have raised the bar and will advocated for a better state swim program. I reached my goal to be an assistant coach, but I challenge myself to help other athletes reach their goal of learning to dribble a basketball.

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