The GoodWater135: Challenge Accepted!

By Samantha Pruitt @thesamanthapruitt

Water is life. Life is good. GOOD that is – meaning for the ‘greater good’ of all humanity. Not to be confused with good for me and mine only. Life is the gift we ALL received and now more than ever we must look that equal opportunity gift smack in the stressed out face and own that truth. Because in truly owning it, we see the inequities and atrocities that many of our fellow humans experience instead of the beautiful gift. We see and we hear the brutal truth of our brothers and sisters without being able to turn away, because we know that they are us and we are they. LIFE, Liberty and Justice for all they said…

We have a global pandemic that has claimed the lives and health of humanity. We have economic devastation that has claimed the security and livelihoods of half of our fellow humans. We have political and social unrest further dividing humanity into deeper isolation and away from unity and community. We have our public systems of education, business, health care, sports-recreation and social connection all wrecked, just to name a few. But this is NOT a rant or a bitch session. This is a cry for PEACE and a call to action for GOOD. Because after losing my business, our home and my mind, we hit the road in our Sprinter Van (Badass Betty) and began the search for peace of mind. 

What I discovered along the hot winding roads, dusty trails and endless miles of open barren land was this:

Me. I was still ME! And within me, nowhere else and with no one else, that good feeling could be found. Everyday and each moment I was the only one deciding to choose peace or conflict within. These were old lessons I continue to learn and teach.

After my physical and mental crisis almost 20 years ago, I had rebuilt my body and life. Even in my youth I had been broken and left in pieces, only to find my way home time after time – within myself. Well here we all are, once again letting go of life as we knew it and slowly down into a simple flow of life. Grateful and strong once again, I am able to peel myself back to the core. Because at my core (and at yours) is life. Life is GOOD and simple. Life holds breath, hope and love. But why then is life not good for everyone? And why does life sometimes generate so much suffering in each of us, often to our breaking point? At this critical junction in our World, collectively and as individual Humans, how do we reconnect to the peace and peel back the good so that we can each and all live again?

In an effort to share this journey and inspire the community, as well as dig down to the next layer of me, I am taking on a BIG ASS challenge (and inviting others to come along) called The GoodWater135. On October 20th, I will start my 135-mile run through Death Valley. Starting at the lowest point in North America, the deep Badwater Basin at 282 ft below sea level, and finishing on one of America’s highest points, Mount Whitney. I will follow the famed Badwater135 race course that crosses 3 mountain ranges and climbs over 14,600 feet of elevation gain. Finishing on United Nations Day to symbolize the collective action required by me and all of humanity for peace, human rights and reconnection to our greater GOOD. I will run alone, exploring the barren 100 degree desert, the jagged edges of my 51 year old body and the uncharted depths of my mind. I want you to do the same.

The GoodWater135 is a personal movement – a statement for GOOD. It is a journey of emotional fitness and work towards both inner peace and community peace during this difficult time. I want to spread hope and inspiration for what’s possible if you get up, dust yourself off and move forward one painful step at a time. I have done it before, and will do it again. Countless others, including you, have as well. Collectively, we are all due now again to heed this call. So…what’s your GoodWater135? What gives your life meaning and what do you do to create peaceful power inside yourself and with your community?

Join me by doing 135 miles of movement this next month as we search for inner peace and work to build personal strength for the greater GOOD of humanity. We are each and all needed to rebuild, and now is the time for us to get strong, clear and inspired to do the work. 

-Coach Sam 






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