PRESS RELEASE: Rock Harbor Marketing Announces Acquisition of Endurance Town USA

Morro Bay, CA based digital marketing company launches endurance sports division, expands international reach

Morro Bay, CA – (January 3, 2022) – Rock Harbor Marketing (RHM), a full-service digital marketing company serving a diverse clientele, announced today the acquisition of Endurance Town USA (ETUSA) and the creation of a niche endurance sports marketing division. The acquisition complements RHM’s extensive experience in the endurance sports industry and significantly expands its footprint in the digital endurance sports space worldwide.

Endurance Town USA was founded by ultramarathoner and businesswoman Samantha Pruitt as a storytelling platform, focused on fostering human connection through outdoor, adventure, and endurance sports. Under RHM’s leadership, ETUSA will expand and grow all aspects of digital media marketing and advertising for endurance sports organizations, events, brands, and influencers. The services they will provide include: content creation, event marketing, online advertising, on-site media management, video production, podcasting, blogging, as well as website design, email campaigns, and social media management.

“We have worked with Endurance Town USA since 2017, operating alongside its founder Sam Pruitt to create a brand that reflects the stories behind the humans who embody the term endurance. As storytellers in the digital space, it feels natural to enter into the next stage of this partnership by officially making ETUSA the sports marketing division of RHM,” said Jen Ford, Rock Harbor Marketing CEO.

Previous endurance sports projects managed by RHM included local and national events such as San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles marathons, San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club Lighthouse and Wildflower Centuries, and the US Trail Running Conference, as well as internationally recognized events such as expedition adventure race Primal Quest – British Columbia, or 10-day ultra race 1,000 Miles to Light: Team Australia vs. Team USA.

Most recently, ETUSA was hired to manage digital marketing for the 2022 RacingThePlanet race in Namibia, Africa. The race is a part of the unique series of ultramarathons set in the world’s most stunning and culturally rich places, with the series twice named one of the Top 10 endurance competitions in the world by TIME magazine.

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