STREAKING! Shoes & Hats Optional, Masks Required.

By Samantha Pruitt 

Today I was streaking though the woods in Oregon! Caught your attention? Yes, I am in Bend, Oregon and after a long draining day (travel, work, food shopping then cooking, 101 degrees and 80% humidity at 3:30pm) I had to go run. Yes, I HAD TO! Why you ask? Because I am STREAKING! That is… I am on a ‘run streak’ that started July 20th. I am also on a no meat eating streak (for 9 days) and was on a 20 push ups a day streak (that ended 2 days ago). But ya can’t win them all! 

Have you heard? Streaks are the new thing! Due to pandemic times we are all restless and need focus and goals to keep things on track and interesting on the daily. But frankly, I always need goals, structure and something to keep me on a health-fitness personal growth path. However, this time I have decided to do a HABIT Challenge and see just how long I can last, as well as see just how these three road trip streaks truly make me feel. A personal experiment of sorts. I have never really attempted a streak but know people who have and usually called them crazy 😉 ! On July 19th we moved into our Sprinter Van (Badass Betty) for a three month #VanLife tour of the Western United States. Oddly enough this too seemed like the perfect time to add another serving of sanity challenge to my plate (now also full of vegetables). So I picked three things I have wished I did for a long time now and say BRING IT ON! Run more, eat less meat & more veggies and daily push ups for the gun show.     

July 20th I woke up, now living in an 80 sqft van with Hubby Dave where every day will be something unpredictable and said I NEED ROUTINE.

My workouts, my nutrition and my sleep are the top three health builders in my day and I now have 3 months to make all those areas way better.

In the last 9 days I have ran a new place every single day, ranging from 45min to 5 hours. In the last 9 days not eating meat I have enjoyed some of the most tasteful and creative meals in my life. In the last 9 days I did 25 push ups daily for 7 days straight and then 2 days of none…..streak over! But this is not a competition, against anyone nor myself. It is a challenge of the mind, of my habit muscles and of my own curiosity- emotional fitness tool box bedazzlers. I hope that I can sustain the streak(s) for the entire Van Life road trip of 3 months and see truly how I feel at the end. Will it change me- yes. Will it improve my life- who knows. Will I learn something about myself- yes. Is it worth the investment and risk of failure- HELL YES.

I say all of this to prompt you to join me. I want you to start your own streak. I want you to take a risk and make a commitment to try something you think will add value to your daily. Eliminate or add a habit that YOU KNOW will be good for you. Anything! and then let’s see how long you can last. I want to hear from you to please so message me on social, not to mention send me vegetarian recipes for cooking in a van! Let’s streak together…shoes and hat optional but masks are required 🙂 #whereissam #runstreak #nomeatathlete

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Let’s streak together…shoes and hat optional but masks are required 🙂 #whereissam #runstreak #nomeatathlete


How A Former Couch Potato Became An Ultra Endurance Athlete, Life Coach And Entrepreneur

“I am passionate about inspiring people to build their own best bodies and lives through endurance sports and outdoor adventure because that’s exactly how I have been able to realize my dreams. In my early 30’s, after a decade of intense working conditions, a serious health scare forced me to recognize that I needed to invest in my own physical and emotional well being. I began running and switched up my diet; soon realizing I was feeling better than I had in years. With this newfound energy, I started testing my limits in endurance events, progressing from local 5ks to marathons and finally to ultra endurance events. Along the way, I connected with a community of people who were unafraid to play hard and dream big and these folks inspired me to make even bigger changes.

Switching gears professionally, I became a Certified Race Director and Coach with the goal of helping others find the same life changing satisfaction from outdoor adventure that I had. I took my decade+ worth of experience in marketing and sales and translated that into new entrepreneurial ventures including founding Race SLO, an endurance sports event production company and launching Endurance Town USA, a podcast devoted to the lifestyle and business of endurance sports.

Now, with over 20 years of experience in the sports and outdoor industry, I am continuing to evolve as a Leadership and Small Business Coach, delivering results for my clients using a values-driven approach. As a Content Creator, I foster greater community connectivity through authentic storytelling and experiences.

My mission is to inspire my fellow humans to invest in their own emotional and physical fitness as way to creating their own best lives.”

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