Sandy Villines • RUNNING ACROSS AMERICA mini series

Overweight single Mom turned ULTRA HUMAN, Sandy takes her mind, body, and life to another universe with ultra running. Badwater135 Champion, Six days In The Dome 422 Mile runner and USA Transcontinental World Record Holder… Sandy believes your mind is a secret weapon for success and continues to prove it by showing others how to accomplish the impossible.

Meet the Hosts

Samantha Pruitt

Samantha Pruitt

Host & Co-Founder

Co-Founder & Host of the Endurance Town USA Podcast. Founder/CEO of Race SLO, the largest participatory endurance event company on the California Central Coast. Excouch Potato turned Coach, Ultra Runner and Ironman. 

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Shan Riggs

Shan Riggs


Shan is a 41-year-old ultramarathon runner and sponsorship marketing professional. He's completed 45 ultramarathon races—winning several—and, has 20 years of sponsorship consulting experience, working with major brands and properties of all types. 


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